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What is the cost of Tamiflu?

It’s flu season and Tamiflu is the go-to medication to help cut short the aches and pains of this illness.  But what is the cost of Tamiflu? I have a friend who is visiting from Maine and on day 3 of her visit she came down with  [...]
Medicare Choices

2020 Medicare Choices

Here is an introduction to your Medicare choices for 2020. The video explains how Medicare works, Medicare supplements, Part D, and Medicare Advantage.

My Medical Information Was Sold

My medical information was sold to a Medicare Advantage marketing website. Your information was also sold if you use Follow My Health to communicate with your doctor. Arizona Community Physicians uses this portal. Yesterday when I [...]
Your Medicare

Medicare Annual Enrollment

The Medicare Annual Enrollment Period is upon us. October 15th – December 7th is the time when people need to evaluate their Medicare Coverage. Thank goodness this year is a calm one for Medicare Advantage in Arizona. There are no [...]
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Help with Medicare Costs in 2019

People with income below certain levels can get help with Medicare costs, their Medicare Part B premium, and even their co-pays for medical care. Medicare help is provided by your state under the federally-funded Medicare Savings Program. You [...]
Your Medicare

New Medicare Card

Everyone across the country should have received their new Medicare card by now. If you have not received your new Medicare card, you need to take action. An email I received about the new Medicare card said: Haven’t gotten your new [...]
arizona community physicians dumping bcbs

Arizona Community Physicians Dumping BCBS

Arizona Community Physicians Dumping BCBS Medicare Advantage is the big news for the 2018 Medicare Annual Enrollment Period. Over 6,000 seniors in Pima County who are enrolled in Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona Medicare Advantage will have [...]
medicare marketing rules

Medicare Marketing Rules

Medicare Marketing Rules are set by CMS (Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services) and they are getting more liberal now that they are being set by Republicans. Medicare Advantage and Part D plans can now use email for marketing – [...]
Medicare and Federal Budget

What Does Medicare Cost ?

What does Medicare cost?  Most people think their $134 Medicare Part B premium covers the cost of their Medicare – but they are very wrong. You can see from the charts below that there are three parts to Medicare:  Part A (Hospital Insurance); [...]

Medicare Advantage Enrollment Growing

Medicare Advantage enrollment is growing in many big cities to a point where half of all Medicare beneficiaries (or more) are enrolled in a Medicare replacement plan. In case you didn’t know it, Medicare Advantage replaces your Medicare.  [...]

Medicare Advantage Open Enrollment is back

The Medicare Advantage Open Enrollment Period (OEP) is back in 2019. The Medicare Advantage OEP is for people already enrolled in Medicare Advantage plans and it allows them to drop their plan to return to Original Medicare  – OR they [...]
pay your medicare premium

Don’t Forget To Pay Your Medicare Premium !

Don’t forget to pay your Medicare premium ! Most people are paying $134 per month for Medicare Part B in 2018. Although, some people with higher income pay more because of the Income Related Monthly Adjustment Amounts (IRMAA). If you are [...]
social security cuts

Social Security Cuts

Social Security cuts come in many forms.  If you’ve ever called Social Security (800-772-1213) and had to wait an hour to talk to someone, you have been affected by cuts to the Social Security operating budget. It looks like more Social [...]
Your Medicare

Your Medicare at 65

If you’re turning 65 and thinking about your Medicare, here is what you need to know: How you enroll in your Medicare depends on your current situation related to Social Security. If you are receiving Social Security payments, you will [...]
Medicare Open Enrollment Period

Medicare Open Enrollment Period

The Medicare Open Enrollment Period is October 15 – December 7.   What can you do during this period? Review your drug plan during the Medicare Open Enrollment Period. If you have a Part D plan along with a Medicare supplement, you should [...]

Carotid Artery Screening

Would you like to get a carotid artery screening, but don’t want to pay $150 or more? Tucson Medical Center (TMC) offers various vascular screenings for $25, but this month (SEPTEMBER), they will do the tests for $10 each.  I’m [...]

Vacation is over.

I have taken a vacation from writing for my blog this summer – but that vacation is over, as it is almost time for the Annual Enrollment Period. I have been taking online courses and tests for all of the Medicare Advantage and Part D plans [...]

Turning 65 and have Obamacare

If you are turning 65 and have Obamacare health insurance, BE SURE TO CANCEL YOUR OBAMACARE PLAN! I was talking to a woman today who turned 65 in May.  She was already collecting Social Security so she was automatically enrolled into Medicare [...]
united and northwest

United and Northwest have a Contract

Good news!  United and Northwest have agreed to a a new contract and 60 thousand folks in Tucson, Oro Valley and Marana will not lose their doctors. I wonder who blinked? I got an email this afternoon (Saturday) from a hardworking United broker [...]

Healthcare Costs in Tucson

When it comes to healthcare costs in Tucson, we are a low-cost healthcare market compared to the rest of the country – according to a report by the Healthcare cost Institute. You can read the report summary here: Healthy Marketplace Index The [...]
medicare help in 2017

Medicare Help in 2017

2019 information can be found here: The income requirements for getting Medicare help in 2017 have been announced by CMS (Centers for Medicare and Medicaid). People in Arizona can use an online [...]

UnitedHealthcare and Northwest Healthcare

UnitedHealthcare and Northwest Healthcare are in contract negotiations – and it may not be going well. They have until May 1st to come to an agreement on  their contract and United is sending letters about this to everyone enrolled in [...]

Medicare Coverage Mistake

Thousands of people make a serious Medicare coverage mistake because they don’t know the rules.  They think they don’t need to sign up for Part B of Medicare (and pay a premium) because they have COBRA, or a retiree plan, or VA [...]

Big Changes To Medicare Coming Soon

Big changes to Medicare are coming soon – now that Republicans are in charge.  And Social Security is certainly on the table because it makes up 25% of the federal budget. Most voters over 55 favored Donald Trump – and they will [...]

What is wrong with Medicare Part D

What is wrong with Medicare Part D?  Let me give you an example. I got a call yesterday from a man who is 66 years old.  He is still working and has employer health insurance.  He takes Enbrel, a drug for Rheumatoid Arthritis and a number [...]
checking in on my medicare clients

Checking in on my Medicare clients

I’m checking in on my Medicare clients because the Medicare Open Enrollment Period is coming up. I try to call many of my clients to see if they are happy with their Medicare Advantage plan because this is the time of year they can make [...]