2023: Help with Medicare Costs

People with income below certain levels can get help with their drug costs, their Medicare Part B premium, and even their co-pays for medical care.

Medicare help is provided by your state under the federally-funded Medicare Savings Program.

You apply for this Medicare help through your state Medicaid office and it can be done on the phone.

Call me for help getting enrolled in the Medicare Savings Program.

Here are the 2023 income limits for the Medicare Savings Program:

The dollar amounts to qualify for help change each year.


  • Individual monthly income limit:
  • $1,660  or less
  • Married couple monthly income limit
  • $2,239  or less

FOR QI: The state will pay a person’s Part B premium.


  • Individual monthly income limit
  • $1,235  or less
  • Married couple monthly income limit
  • $1,644 or less

FOR QMB: The state will pay:
Part A premiums
Part B premiums
Deductibles, coinsurance, and co-payments for medical care

In Arizona, people who qualify for QMB help are assigned a health plan by AHCCCS (Arizona Medicaid – pronounced “access”). That health plan will pay a person’s co-pays for doctor visits, labs, and hospital stays and other medical services.

People who qualify for QMB help can enroll in a Medicare Advantage plan that provides benefits that are not normally covered by Medicare such as, dental, hearing aids, glasses, and even a free gym membership.

For information on how to get this help, or how to get a “dual eligible” Medicare Advantage plan, call or email me.  520-820-8639

Medicare help in 2021 for drug costs

If your monthly income is below $1,843 (for a single person) or $2,485 for a couple, you may be eligible for Extra Help – a federal program that helps you pay for some or most of the cost of prescription drugs. 

If you apply for this Extra Help through the Social Security (ssa.gov) website, there are resource limits for getting this help. Here is info on  Extra Help income and asset limit chart.

If you apply for the Medicare Savings Program through your state, the state will get your signed up for Extra Help with your prescription costs.

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