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2024 Medicare Choices

Medicare Choices

Here is an introduction to your Medicare choices for 2024. The video explains how Medicare works, Medicare supplements, Part D, and Medicare Advantage.

2024: Help with Medicare Costs

pay your medicare premium

People with income below certain limits can get help with their drug costs, their Part B premium, and even their co-pays for medical care.

Call me for help getting enrolled in the Medicare Savings Program.

What Does Medicare Cost ?

Medicare and Federal Budget

What does Medicare cost?  Most people think their $170 Medicare Part B premium covers the cost of their Medicare – but they are very wrong. You can see from the charts below that there are three parts to Medicare:  Part…

Why I hate Medicare Part D

Medicare part d and gun

I have written in the past about why I hate Medicare Part D. It is kind of a rip-off for seniors – especially those who take only generics. Yesterday I talked with a man who is paying over $50 per…

Part D Late-Enrollment Penalty

Part D is voluntary, but a penalty is assessed if a person does not enroll when they first get their Medicare. If a person turns 65 and waits five years to enroll in a Part D plan, she will pay a 50% premium penalty.

Working Past 65 and Medicare Part B

In the last few months, I’ve helped four or five people who continued working after they turned 65.  Some had kept their employer health insurance while others had enrolled in Medicare. They all had questions, and the answers depended on…

Obamacare and Medicare: Confusion

I received an interesting press release this morning that seems worth sharing. New research finds many seniors wrongly think public health insurance exchanges are replacing Medicare plans. ST. LOUIS, September 17, 2013 – As the nation approaches open enrollment for new public…