medicare part d pill bottle

Part D Plan Preferred Pharmacies

Part D plan preferred pharmacies make using the Plan Finder difficult and confusing. That’s because only allows me to put in two pharmacies as I’m searching for drug plans for my clients. I think I am a [...]
medicare advantage problem

Medicare Advantage Problem

My neighbor called me recently about her Medicare Advantage problem.  Renee has a pacemaker to keep her heart beating properly – but she nearly had a heart attack when her Medicare Advantage plan told her she was not eligible to get her [...]

Who Gets Hurt if We Raise Medicare Age to 67.

Originally posted on April 21, 2010 in response to a proposal to raise Medicare age for eligibility: I hit the trifecta this week by meeting three women who will turn 65 in July.  All three of them told me they had been without health insurance [...]
medicare outside the U.S.

Medicare Outside the U.S.

Can you use Medicare outside the U.S.? NO What if you have a Medicare Advantage plan? Some Medicare Advantage plans will pay for emergency care outside the U.S. Today I talked via Skype to a client who has moved to Costa Rica and was wondering [...]

$126,000 Hospital Bill and Medicare

This story was originally posted in 2011. My client was shocked by his $126,000 hospital bill. When you spend the night in the hospital, you would assume you had been “admitted” to the hospital – but you could be wrong.  And this definition [...]

Observation Status Lies

A friend sent me an email recently about a senior who was told by a doctor that Medicare will not pay for “observation status” in a hospital.  This new rule is supposedly part of the Affordable Care Act – but I knew this was [...]

Medicare and Cataract Surgery

Kaiser Health News has an article about Medicare and cataract surgery and how a simple and inexpensive procedure is costing Medicare a lot more than it should. Study: Cataract Surgery Fast And Safe, But Many On Medicare Get Costly Pre-Testing [...]

Generic Drug Prices Going Up

Dr David Belk writes an interesting blog,  He has recently written about generic drug prices going up over the past year.   He writes: Nearly half of the generic listings surveyed (607 in total) went up in price- [...]

Medicare and AHCCCS Clerical Error

I wrote recently about a client who was thrilled to receive notice from AHCCCS that she qualifies for additional help for her medical costs. I told her something must have changed at AHCCCS because her income is about $60 too high to get this [...]

Medicare and AHCCCS: What’s going on?

The state of Arizona’s Medicaid program will pay the Medicare premium for people with income below $1,333 for an individual) or $1789 for a couple. I wrote about the details of this assistance last year: Help for Low-Income Medicare Beneficiaries. In [...]

Medicare Trust Fund Solvent through 2030

Kaiser Health News reports that Medicare’s Hospital Insurance Trust Fund, which finances about half the health program for seniors and the disabled, won’t run out of money until 2030. That’s four years later than projected last year and [...]

Medicare is Big Business for Insurance Companies

Humana and UnitedHealthcare are the biggest players in the Medicare Advantage and Medicare Part D business – and business has been quite good for them. UnitedHealthcare recently reported 7 percent growth in its Medicare and Retirement [...]

CNBC Medicare Advantage story uses

For some unknown reason, I am getting a newsletter called “Senior Newswire”. It is quite interesting as it compiles many articles from across the internet that deal with Medicare and seniors.  As I read through the various articles, [...]

What is Medicare doing to address mental health issues among seniors?

I recently attended a conference organized by the Behavioral Health & Aging Council of Southern Arizona. What I learned: 20% of seniors have alcohol or drug problems. 16% of all suicides are older adults. 84% of those suicides are older [...]

Are Tucson doctors accepting new Medicare patients?

My primary care doctor is not accepting new patients, whether they are on Medicare, Medicare Advantage, or any health insurance.  But he is kind of old and his Physician Assistant takes new patients – but I don’t know how much longer [...]

Working Past 65: Delayed Medicare Enrollment

People can delay enrollment in Medicare Part B if they are working beyond their 65th birthday or are covered by their spouse’s employer health insurance. But once they want to get their Medicare started there can be some confusion. Steps to [...]

24-Hour Hospital stay: $126,000 bill !

When you spend the night in the hospital, you would assume you had been “admitted” to the hospital – but you could be wrong.  And this definition of your status could cost you thousands of dollars if your Medicare Advantage plan has a [...]

Durable Medical Equipment: Read the contract!

Read the small print when signing for durable medical equipment.  If you don’t pay attention, it could cost you a lot of money. Not reading the small print is costing a client of mine $715.08 – and I don’t think this is right. Alana [...]