Medicare is Big Business for Insurance Companies

Humana and UnitedHealthcare are the biggest players in the Medicare Advantage and Medicare Part D business – and business has been quite good for them.

UnitedHealthcare recently reported 7 percent growth in its Medicare and Retirement programs, which accounted for $11.8 billion in revenue during the last quarter.

Over the last year, United’s Medicare Advantage membership grew by 65,000 while its Medicare Supplement business grew by 300,000 customers.

United’s Part D plan enrollment grew by 350,000 people over the last year.

Humana, in its last financial report, estimated itsMedicare Advantage membership would increase by 435,000 in 2014.

Humana’s Medicare Part D growth estimate for 2014 was 600,000.

Humana’s stock price is up over 30% since the start of the year and has tripled since 2010 when the Affordable Care Act was passed.

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