CNBC Medicare Advantage story uses

For some unknown reason, I am getting a newsletter called “Senior Newswire”. It is quite interesting as it compiles many articles from across the internet that deal with Medicare and seniors.  As I read through the various articles, I came across one that caught my interest – especially since the first paragraph has my name in it!

The article is titled “Home is where the money is for Medicare Advantage” and it appeared on The introductory paragraph really grabbed my attention.

“Some of the senior citizens who called Arizona insurance agent Denise Early wondered why their Medicare Advantage health plans were eager to send a doctor to visit them at home.”

Wow!  The writer was sort of quoting me – even though he never talked to me.  He apparently found my blog and something I had written about Medicare Advantage plan “home visits” almost two years ago.  My blog post was titled, “Medicare Advantage: The doctor would like to visit”.

I am pleased to see my name in an article that might have gotten some national exposure – but the author could have at least provided a link to my blog.  It’s kind of odd that he used my story at the beginning and near the end of his article, yet he never bothered to call or email me.  A link to my blog would have been a nice gesture!

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