How much a knee replacement costs

Do you know how much a knee replacement costs?  I received this infographic from Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona. It looks like Blue Cross Blue Shield negotiates different prices with different providers – and negotiated prices can be a lot more expensive with some providers.

Knee replacement costs can vary a lot – and it can cost you.

Because so many health insurance plans have big deductibles, it is important for consumers to ask questions before they use their insurance for big ticket items.  That’s because, even if you stay in the network for your plan, your out-of-pocket cost will be much higher with some doctors/providers than with others.

Knee replacement costs are different with Medicare and Medicare Advantage.

Deductibles are getting bigger and bigger in health insurance plan for people who are not on Medicare.

For people on Medicare, it is a lot simpler.  Medicare Advantage plans generally have set co-pays for hospitalization or outpatient surgery – and they have no deductibles.  People with “Original Medicare” usually get a Medicare supplement, or Medigap plan to cover  deductibles and co-insurance that come with Medicare.

knee replacement costs

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