Checking in on my Medicare clients

I’m checking in on my Medicare clients because the Medicare Open Enrollment Period is coming up. I try to call many of my clients to see if they are happy with their Medicare Advantage plan because this is the time of year they can make a change if they want to.

Checking in on my Medicare clients can be sad and depressing.

I haven’t called too many clients so far, but I’ve already heard lots of bad news.  The last person I talked to just lost his wife, who is/was also my client.

Another client has been diagnosed with Parkinsons disease and his wife says he is not doing well. Just a couple of years ago he was climbing up on the roof of his neighbor’s house to fix her swamp cooler. He is such a nice man and he’s only 70.

I get lots of referrals from my clients and I am hearing sad news through the grapevine.  I’ve heard stories of serious illnesses and even a suicide.

I’ve been working with Medicare clients for ten years and my earliest clients are getting on in age now, so I’m almost afraid to call them.

The saddest stories are about my “youngest” clients who are not doing well.  Retirement is supposed to be about enjoying life and lots of free time to travel. or do whatever you want.

A few months ago I talked to a client who had dropped her Medicare Advantage plan.  I emailed her and it turned out she is in Costa Rica (!!),  We were able to talk via Skype and I asked her why/how she decided to do something so “wild and crazy”. I loved her response.

She told me she loves to live simply and she loves to dance and had found a community of friendly people in Costa Rica who liked to socialize and ….they enjoy music and dancing .  Then she said,  “I figured I’d better dance while I can”.

Talking with my Medicare clients has reminded me that I’d better get in better shape and get moving and – hopefully – stay healthy.  That’s good advice for everybody.  We all need to keep dancing while we can!


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