Medicare Part D Is Rigged System.

Medicare Part D is rigged.  It is rigged to rip off seniors.

This being the Medicare Annual Enrollment Period, I’m checking my clients’ drug lists and I’m finding so many things I don’t like about Part D drug coverage.

How Medicare Part D is rigged against seniors.

****So many people take generics and yet they must pay a $17 or $22 (or more) plan premium every month so they can get their meds for $2 or $4.  Of course, they could buy most of their meds without insurance for the same price.

****I have a client who buys her meds several ways.  She uses her Part D plan for some drugs.  She uses Good Rx for others. And she buys her insulin at Walmart for $25.  I’ve written about how Walmart charges $25 for the same insulin for which Medicare pays over $100.

****Today I put a lady’s drug list into the Plan Finder and I was shocked to see the difference in the “full retail price” for two of her meds.


Full price with First Health Part D:  $93 27.
Full price with Humana Enhanced:  $81.40  (This is her current plan.)
Full price with Wellcare Part D:  $39.14

Duloxetine HCL:

Full price with First Health Part D:  $29.45
Full price with Humana Enhanced:  $16.00
Full price with Wellcare Part D:  $8.28

The law that created Medicare Part D (in 2003) says only insurance companies can negotiate drug prices with pharmaceutical companies.  These examples show how some companies negotiate better than others (I guess).

****Last week I met a woman who buys her inhalers through a mail order pharmacy in India. The cost for Spiriva Handihaler in the U.S. is $1,000 (!!!). She can get a Spiriva substitute from India for $11.00.

medicare part d is rigged


Her doctor says the Spiriva substitute is working fine for her.

$11.00 vs $1,019.00.  One more piece of evidence that Medicare Part D is rigged to rip off seniors.


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2 comments for “Medicare Part D Is Rigged System.

  1. M. Pitt
    06/22/2020 at 1:51 pm

    It’s much worse that that. Most expensive prescriptions are not on many “formularies.” And any RX you pay for out-of-pocket doesn’t count towards meeting your deductible. Then there’s the “donut hole” which translates as you get nothing at all if you do spend a fortune for prescriptions until you’re out-of-pocket for a second fortune. And to add insult to injury, the whole scam resets itself every January 1st. If you’re wondering what you DO get for your premium, it’s the privilege of allowing the scam to rip you off.
    And of course as you pointed out in your missive, any RX you obtain from foreign sources doesn’t count to your deductible either.

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