Hospitals Dropped from Medicare Advantage Networks

Health News Florida has an interesting story about a dispute between Humana’s Medicare Advantage plans and a Miami Hospital and doctor network.  Medicare Advantage plans must control their costs, and when a doctor group or hospital requires [...]

Medicare Advantage Star Ratings: Who cares?

Seniors do not care about the Medicare Advantage and Part D star ratings.  This is the finding of  focus group research carried out by the Kaiser Family Foundation last fall. AIS Health has a good article on the report and a briefing that [...]

No Cuts for 2015 Medicare Advantage

CMS has announced that payments to Medicare Advantage plans will increase by 0.4% in 2015. This is a reversal of proposed cuts that were opposed by Republicans and Democrats in Congress. Had the proposed cuts taken place, there might have been [...]

What’s the future for Medicare Advantage?

The New York Times has an article about how payment cuts to Medicare Advantage plans are raising questions about the future of Medicare Advantage. I say, “Only time will tell”, and that time will be next September when all Medicare [...]

Medicare Advantage Enrollment: 30% Increase Since Obamacare

More than 14 million Medicare beneficiaries are now enrolled in private Medicare Advantage plans, up 30 percent since 2010 in spite of concerns about payment changes enacted in the Affordable Care Act. Whether this trend continues, and its implications, [...]

Smaller Medicare Advantage networks coming to your town?

Medicare Advantage plan networks will be affected by payment cuts to Medicare Advantage plans. Smaller provider networks could be the future for Medicare Advantage. I was at a meeting yesterday with a rep from a Medicare Advantage plan that [...]

Medicare Advantage Cuts: Bad news or not?

The Obama administration has proposed payment cuts for Medicare Advantage plans in 2015 and this could mean big changes for $0 premium Advantage plans in Arizona and around the country – or maybe not. These announced payment reductions for [...]

Medicare Advantage Winners and Losers

THIS ARTICLE IS FROM JANUARY 2014.  FOR THE 2015 NUMBERS FOR MEDICARE ADVANTAGE ENROLLMENT IN TUCSON,  CLICK HERE: I checked the Medicare Advantage enrollment numbers for Pima County after [...]

Cochise County Medicare Advantage Plans Canceled for 2014

Humana is cancelling its $0 premium HMO Medicare Advantage plan in Cochise County for 2014.  People enrolled in this plan should have received a letter to inform them of the plan cancellation and tell them their options for coverage. Health [...]

New Medicare Advantage Plans in 2014

Is Obmacare killing Medicare Advantage?  Does Medicare Advantage have a future? Despite politicians’ predictions of gloom and doom for Medicare Advantage, Arizona will have several new plans in 2014. I was going to list the new companies [...]