Medicare Advantage Winners and Losers


I checked the Medicare Advantage enrollment numbers for Pima County after the most recent Open Enrollment Period (October 15 – December 7) to see how each of the plans did with their enrollments. Did some companies lose members?  Did some companies gain?  Were there any big winners and losers?

The winner is…SCAN with a 173% increase in enrollments.  SCAN (Senior Care Action Network) is a non-profit based in California. They have been in the Tucson market for two years, but never caught on here… until this last Open Enrollment Period. SCAN has done very well in Maricopa county over the last five years and now has 15,629 members there.

The other big gainer was the AARP Medicare Complete Plan 1.  In the Medicare data it is listed as Pacificare of Arizona.  This plan added 2,647 members for a 12% increase.  This plan may have gained from the losses of the other AARP Medicare Complete plan which has “Plus” as part of its name. The Plus plan dropped the Silver Sneakers benefit causing many people to move to another plan that offered the free gym membership.

Humana had a 6% gain in its HMO Advantage plan membership while Health Net’s enrollment numbers declined 5%. Caremore, which grew rapidly over the last three years, is down 1% from its December numbers.

Wellcare is new to the Tucson Medicare Advantage market this year, but I didn’t see any enrollment numbers for them in the CMS data. I wonder if this means they didn’t get any enrollments.  The Tucson market is very competitive and we’ve had new companies come to town and struggle to take business away from the established players.  I think this is the case with Wellcare and Abrazo.

Chart is updated with Abrazo enrollment numbers.

Jan. 2014 Dec. 2013       change
H0303 PACIFICARE OF ARIZONA 24416 21769 2647 12%
H0316 UNITEDHEALTHCARE OF AZ 12623 14697 -2074 -14%
H0351 HEALTH NET OF ARIZONA, INC. 12139 12797 -658 -5%
H2593 CAREMORE HEALTH PLAN OF AZ 10417 10498 -81 -1%
H2649 HUMANA HEALTH PLAN, INC. 5582 5274 308 6%
H9385 SCAN HEALTH PLAN ARIZONA 756 277 479 173%
H0354 ABRAZO 30

Medicare Advantage enrollment numbers can be found by state and county at:

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