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Tucson Medicare plans

I have been working with Medicare clients for over 15 years and can answer all of your questions.

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2024 Medicare Choices

Medicare Choices

Here is an introduction to your Medicare choices for 2024. The video explains how Medicare works, Medicare supplements, Part D, and Medicare Advantage.

2024: Help with Medicare Costs

pay your medicare premium

People with income below certain limits can get help with their drug costs, their Part B premium, and even their co-pays for medical care.

Call me for help getting enrolled in the Medicare Savings Program.

Part D Problems

Can you change your Part D plan at this time of year? It depends on a number of factors – and if you have a Medicare Advantage plan vs a stand-alone part D plan.

What Does Medicare Cost ?

Medicare and Federal Budget

What does Medicare cost?  Most people think their $170 Medicare Part B premium covers the cost of their Medicare – but they are very wrong. You can see from the charts below that there are three parts to Medicare:  Part…