social security cuts

Social Security Cuts

Social Security cuts come in many forms.  If you’ve ever called Social Security (800-772-1213) and had to wait an hour to talk to someone, you have been affected by cuts to the Social Security operating budget. It looks like more Social [...]

Social Security won’t talk to insurance agents?

An insurance agent was trying to help a senior citizen who was not sure if he gets help with his drug costs or his Medicare premium. The insurance agent, sitting with the senior, called Social Security (800-772-1213) and had the senior give [...]

Part D and The Deficit

I wanted to find the cost to Medicare for Part D, the drug plan for Medicare beneficiaries that went into effect in 2006.  I googled “Part D Medicare budget” and got very good information. In 2010, Part D made up 13.4% of the [...]

Should Social Security and Medicare Be Cut?

President Obama has formed a Fiscal Committee to look at how to reduce the government deficit.  With Medicare, Social Security, and the Defense budgets totaling 75% of government spending, it looks like Medicare and Social Security are primary [...]