Medicare part d and gun

Why I hate Medicare Part D

I have written in the past about why I hate Medicare Part D. It is kind of a rip-off for seniors – especially those who take only generics. Yesterday I talked with a man who is paying over $50 per month for his Part D plan – yet [...]

Medicare Part D Drug Plan Mix-up

Thousands of Medicare beneficiaries are enrolled Medicare Advantage plans and Part D drug plans that are being canceled or drastically changed for 2011.  Unless these people have carefully read the information sent to them by their plan, they [...]

Why is Medicare Part D So Confusing?

In Arizona there are 25 stand-alone Part D drug plans available to people on Medicare. I usually deal with the best-known plans, Humana and AARP MedicareRx, because they seemed to cover almost all prescription drugs in past years.  This seems [...]