Part D Deductible Explained

Some Part D plans have a deductible and some do not. Part D plans with a deductible tend to have a lower premium than those that do not. Should you choose a Part D plan with a deductible? Most clients’ eyes glaze over as I explain how [...]

Part D is kind of complicated.

Yesterday I met with a client who is turning 65 in June. He is a doctor, and this doctor was amazed by how complicated Medicare Part D drug coverage is. As I explained how Part D drug coverage works, the doctor asked, “Why is this so complicated?” [...]

Brand Drug Costs Overwhelm Medicare Part D Budget

In 2008, Medicare spent $68.3 billion dollars on drugs purchased through Part D plans.  This is too much money! Seventy-five percent of the $68.3 billion was spent on brand name drugs like Lipitor, Plavix, and Nexium. Generics used to treat [...]

Medicare Part D and Deficits

I wanted to find the cost to Medicare for Part D, the drug plan for Medicare beneficiaries that went into effect in 2006.  I googled “Part D Medicare budget” and got very good information. In 2010, Part D made up 13.4% of the Medicare [...]

Health Care Reform Law and Part D

March 2010: All the delays in passing the health care reform bill will also delay positive changes to Part D coverage. Seniors were supposed to get relief this year, but it appears that people who fall into the doughnut hole in 2010 will only [...]