medigap with guaranteed issue

Medigap with Guaranteed Issue

What does it mean to get Medigap with guaranteed issue? And when does this come into play? Here is one example: Medicare says that when people are required to change their Medicare Advantage plan because of a move, they can apply for a Medicare [...]
medigap plans for people for under 65

Medigap Plans for People under 65

Are Medigap plans for people under 65 available in Arizona? Medigap plans for people under 65 are not available in Arizona and  19 other states. An article on looks at which states require insurance companies to sell Medigap plans to [...]

Medicare Supplement Canceled

I got a call from a client who had her Medicare supplement canceled.  It turns out she had some upheaval in her home and she had to move out for a few months.  She did not get her mail, so she did not pay her bill, and her supplement was canceled. Sara [...]
medicare numbers

Guaranteed Issue for Medigap

Seniors enrolled in a Medicare Advantage plan who move to a new state (or sometimes another county), can get a Medicare supplement with “guaranteed issue”.  Medicare supplements are also knows as “Medigap” plans because [...]

Why Choose a Medicare Supplement?

Medicare supplements are also known as “medigap” plans because they fill the gaps in Medicare.  Medicare supplements cost more than Medicare Advantage – up front.  Lately, most of my clients who are turning 65 have chosen [...]

Medicare: Colonoscopy Cost

Preventives screenings are covered by Medicare and they are covered by all health insurance plans as a result of Obamacare.  This means a person should have no co-pay and no deductible cost when getting a preventive screening test.  So what [...]