Vacation is over.

I have taken a vacation from writing for my blog this summer – but that vacation is over, as it is almost time for the Annual Enrollment Period.

I have been taking online courses and tests for all of the Medicare Advantage and Part D plans I represent.  And now the meetings have begun with Medicare Advantage plan reps who are telling us about changes to their plans for 2018 – and there are some changes.

I have been fairly busy this summer working with folks who are turning 65, or who have moved to Tucson from other parts of the country.  I can tell you that most of my turning-65 clients have chosen Medicare supplements over Medicare Advantage.

One of the reasons for the preference for Medicare supplements is that these folks have been paying for their health insurance – and paying $800 or more per month. When I tell them what they will pay for a Medicare supplement + Part D + their Medicare premium, they think it’s a screaming deal compared to what they have been paying.

I am learning about changes for 2018, but….. I can’t write about those changes. That’s because they are related to benefits for Medicare Advantage plans – and I cannot blog about plan-specific benefits.  That could be construed as promoting, or marketing those plans.

Call or email me for info, or if you have questions about your Medicare coverage.  520-820-8639

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  1. Bill Dorgan
    09/01/2017 at 12:01 pm

    Hi Denise and welcome back.
    How soon before we hear about 2018 rates for Medicare and Supplemental Insurance (United Health Care)?
    Thank you.

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