Universal “Any Any Any” Medicare Advantage termination

Medicare Advantage plans run by Universal Health Care, known in Arizona as the “Any Any Any” plan, are being shut down as of midnight Sunday, March 31st.  The insurance company that runs these Medicare Advantage plans has gone bankrupt and its Florida headquarters has been raided by the FBI.

People enrolled in the Any Any Any plan are just now receiving letters telling them their Medicare Advantage plan will end as of Monday, April 1st.  If they  take no action to enroll in another Advantage plan, they will be moved back to Original Medicare and will be automatically assigned a Part D drug plan. This will take effect on Monday, April 1st.

If people move quickly, they can enroll in another Medicare Advantage plan this weekend and their new plan will begin on April 1st.  With such last-minute notification, most people will end up having just Medicare and Part D through April.

People losing their Any Any Any plan will have a Special Election Period (SEP) up until May 31st to move into another Medicare Advantage plan.

The Any Any Any plan is a big deal  in Yuma with 1,129 enrollees.  This is almost double its closest competitor, Humana. Unfortunately, people in Yuma and rural areas in Arizona don’t have many Medicare Advantage choices. And the choices they do have come with monthly premiums that are much higher than the Any Any Any plan.

People who live in Pima and Maricopa counties have many zero-premium Medicare Advantage plans from which to choose. Medicare beneficiaries in Yuma don’t have this luxury.

People can get help figuring out what to do by calling Medicare (800-633-4227). Or, they can call the insurance agent who signed them up with the Any Any Any plan. I have a feeling there will be lots of insurance agents in Yuma offering assistance to people – but again, their choices are limited and more expensive that what they have had.

Any Any Any PFFS enrollment in Arizona counties from the latest CMS data:

Yuma: 1129
Maricopa: 747
Gila: 382
Coconino: 284
La Paz: 156
Greenlee: 82
Apache: 28
Graham: 18
Pima: 11

In Pima County, 11 people are enrolled in the Universal Hassle-Free PPO, according to an email I received from CMS.

The CMS Medicare Advantage enrollment data can be found at:


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