UnitedHealthcare Problem: an update

Last night I talked to Terry, the woman with the problem health insurance policy from UnitedHealthcare. (You can read the original story here.)  Terry told me her problem has not been completely resolved, but she was very optimistic about the final outcome.

Thursday afternoon, Terry received an update call from the person at UHC who was assigned to look into her problem (as a result of my blog post last Friday).  Terry was told that a team of people, including lawyers, advocates, and underwriters, is looking into her “conversion policy”.  Terry has been told that her situation has not yet been resolved, but she should hear something next week.  Here is an update:

UHC has acknowledged (verbally) that Terry’s conversion policy should not have a $250,000 lifetime benefit limit.

Terry asked why her conversion policy does not include drug coverage (she is diabetic) and she was told that her new policy will include prescription coverage.

Terry asked the UHC representative if she can look into why the conversion policy has no limit on her 20% co-insurance.  The UHC rep said she will ask about this.

I am thrilled with the news so far and I told Terry that I will be delighted to report on the final outcome of her conversion policy dilemma.  I am appreciative that UnitedHealthcare has been responsive to Terry’s plight – though I would sure like to know how they came up with the conversion policy that was sent to her (50 pages long) and was supposed to take effect on October 1.

I hope to be reporting on the outcome of Terry’s conversion policy case next week.  Stay tuned.

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