Turning 65 and Medicare

No federal agency provides notification about Medicare eligibility to individuals not yet collecting Social Security benefits—meaning those not automatically enrolled in Medicare are not informed about enrollment rules and policies.

Medicarerights.org  is celebrating Medicare’s 50th anniversary with a wish list of positive changes they would like for the program.  Most of their wishes will never happen because of what they would add to the Medicare budget.  But this notification wish seems pretty reasonable.

I have received calls from lots of people who were turning 65 and did not have their Medicare card.  I asked them, “You aren’t collecting Social Security, are you?”.  They said “no”, they were not collecting Social Security, and I gave them instructions on how to enroll in Medicare and get their Medicare card.

I’ve written about turning 65 and Medicare in this blog.  Read that post to understand who needs to enroll in Medicare and how to do that:  https://medicareblog.org/turning-65-enrolling-in-medicare-2/

YOU CAN SEE THE OTHER WISHES FOR MEDICARE HERE:    www.medicarerights.org/50wishes.

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