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Part D Plan Preferred Pharmacies

Part D plan preferred pharmacies make using the Plan Finder difficult and confusing. That’s because only allows me to put in two pharmacies as I’m searching for drug plans for my clients. I think I am a [...]

Who Gets Hurt if We Raise Medicare Age to 67.

Originally posted on April 21, 2010 in response to a proposal to raise Medicare age for eligibility: I hit the trifecta this week by meeting three women who will turn 65 in July.  All three of them told me they had been without health insurance [...]

Medicare Advantage Dis-Enrollment Mistake

Don’t make this Medicare Advantage Dis-Enrollment Mistake. I tell my clients they don’t need to contact their Medicare Advantage Plan (MA) plan to cancel their Advantage plan… if they enroll into a stand-alone Part D plan. [...]
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Medicare costs for 2016

Medicare Part B premium in 2016: Most people on Medicare will not see an increase in their Part B premium. But…  people who are new to Medicare in 2016, or who are not collecting Social Security, will pay a higher premium:  $121.80   Medicare [...]

Medicare: How much will your hospital bill be?

Should you get a Medicare supplement to fill the gaps in Medicare?  How much will your bill be if you are admitted to the hospital and you only have Medicare? A good explanation of how Medicare works when you are admitted to a hospital can [...]

Doctors Are Not Dropping Medicare

Don’t believe the rumors about doctors no longer taking Medicare patients. The numbers don’t lie.  Here are some infographics from the Kaiser Family Foundation that show the reality.   Here is a map of the percentage of doctors [...]
senior health insurance plan funding cut

Help For Low-Income Medicare Beneficiaries

People on Medicare with low income can get help paying their Medicare Part B premium and possibly their Medicare co-pays and deductibles. It all depends on how low their income is. The income limits provided below apply to most states, but not [...]

Do you see the doctor or the Physician’s Assistant?

Are there enough primary care doctors in Tucson?  Do you see the doctor or the Physician’s Assistant?  In Arizona, Nurse Practitioners are not required to work under a physician.  Medicare may soon be encouraging the use of Nurse Practitioners [...]

Should you enroll in Medicare Part D?

If you are turning 65 and enrolling in Medicare, you still have some decisions to make.  Will you enroll in a Medicare Advantage plan?  Or will you stay with Original Medicare and get a Medicare supplement to fill the gaps in Medicare?  And [...]

Preventive Screening Tests: How often are they covered?

Medicare now has a long list of preventive screenings that are covered at no cost to the patient.  But how often can you get these preventive screening tests?  The answer varies from test to test. I had a call today from a man who is new to [...]

Medicare: Colonoscopy Cost

Preventives screenings are covered by Medicare and they are covered by all health insurance plans as a result of Obamacare.  This means a person should have no co-pay and no deductible cost when getting a preventive screening test.  So what [...]

Find Doctors Who Accept Medicare

Medicare has a website available for people to look up doctors.  Below is a press release about the site. This site is for people looking to find doctors who accept Medicare, so it is for people who use their Medicare card when they see a doctor. If [...]