medigap with guaranteed issue

Medigap with Guaranteed Issue

What does it mean to get Medigap with guaranteed issue? And when does this come into play? Here is one example: Medicare says that when people are required to change their Medicare Advantage plan because of a move, they can apply for a Medicare [...]
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Guaranteed Issue for Medigap

Seniors enrolled in a Medicare Advantage plan who move to a new state (or sometimes another county), can get a Medicare supplement with “guaranteed issue”.  Medicare supplements are also knows as “Medigap” plans because [...]

Medicare Advantage plan termination: guaranteed issue for Medigap

I wrote earlier today about the termination of the Any Any Any Medicare Advantage plan.  The 2,983 Medicare beneficiaries in Arizona who are losing their Advantage plan will have three options going forward: 1) Only Medicare – but beware They [...]