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Medicare Outside the U.S.

Can you use Medicare outside the U.S.? NO What if you have a Medicare Advantage plan? Some Medicare Advantage plans will pay for emergency care outside the U.S. Today I talked via Skype to a client who has moved to Costa Rica and was wondering [...]

Medicare Supplement Canceled

I got a call from a client who had her Medicare supplement canceled.  It turns out she had some upheaval in her home and she had to move out for a few months.  She did not get her mail, so she did not pay her bill, and her supplement was canceled. Sara [...]
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Guaranteed Issue for Medigap

Seniors enrolled in a Medicare Advantage plan who move to a new state (or sometimes another county), can get a Medicare supplement with “guaranteed issue”.  Medicare supplements are also knows as “Medigap” plans because [...]

Who is enrolling in Medicare Advantage?

An article in Kaiser Health News says: The majority of people who signed up for Medicare Advantage plans in recent years were switching out of the traditional Medicare program, according to a recent study. The findings contradict the popular [...]

Medicare Supplement Guaranteed Issue

If your Medicare Advantage plan is being canceled, you can go back to Original Medicare and you get  Medicare supplement guaranteed issue.  This means you cannot be turned down or charged a higher premium because you have health problems. The [...]

Medicare Questions: Sorry, I can’t help you.

It’s the Medicare Open Enrollment Period and I’ve been busy talking to lots of people about their Medicare choices.  I’ve had to tell several people I cannot help them.  Here are two true stories: Shopping for a lower Medigap [...]

Medicare Supplements: Price, Price, Price?

There’s a full-page ad in today’s Arizona Daily Star for a Medicare supplement company. The message is to pick a Medicare supplement based on the company with the lowest price. What to ask about the pricing for Medigap plans: Ask [...]

Medicare Supplement PLAN N Confusion

I had an appointment yesterday with my tax accountant who is over 65 and on Medicare.  She is my accountant but not my client, but she asked me about a bill she got from her dermatologist.  The bill showed the charges for her treatments in [...]

Don’t Like Your Medicare Advantage Plan?

In past years, people enrolled in Medicare Advantage plans had the months of January, February, and March to change to another Advantage plan.  That is no longer the case, and only one option is available to those who are unhappy with their [...]

2.8 Million Baby Boomers Eligible For Medicare in 2011

In 2011, 2.8 million baby boomers will turn 65 and become eligible for Medicare. Not all of these baby boomers will need to enroll in Medicare because many will continue working and will be covered by their employer’s health insurance.  [...]

Only Four More Weeks to Change Medicare Coverage

Medicare beneficiaries have until the end of December to make changes to their Medicare coverage if they are thinking about moving to another Medicare Advantage plan or stand-alone Part D drug plan.  Folks who have only Medicare and no supplement [...]

Medicare Supplement Premium Increases: Uh, Oh

Someone seems to have gotten wind of big rate hikes coming for Medicare Supplement premiums. Nevada Senator Harry Reid announced, “We are hearing disturbing stories from beneficiaries across the country about excessive premium increases [...]

2011 Medicare Advantage Changes

Six months ago I was predicting big changes for Arizona Medicare Advantage plans in 2011.  I was wrong.  There will be very few changes to most of the Arizona Medicare Advantage plans in 2011. Most HMO plans still have $0 premium.  Co-pays [...]

New Medicare Supplement Plan N: Very Popular

The brand new Medicare Supplement Plan N is proving to be very popular with seniors who want lower premiums but comprehensive coverage to fill the gaps in Medicare. I was just talking with a representative of a well-known Medicare Supplement [...]

Turning 65: Your Medicare Choices

If you are turning 65 in the next few months, you have choices to make concerning your Medicare coverage.  Are you still working and have employer coverage? Will you consider enrolling in a Medicare Advantage plan? Do you think a Medicare [...]

New Medicare Supplement in AZ: Plan N

Beginning in June, new “modernized” Medicare supplement plans will be sold, including two new plans, M and N.  In Arizona, insurance companies don’t seem interested in Plan M, but they are offering Plan N.  Plan N is an interesting [...]

Medicare Advantage Plan Change: March 31 Deadline

After March 31st, seniors enrolled in a Medicare Advantage plan will be “locked into” their plan for the rest of the year.  Enrollees can still change their Advantage plan until March 31st. They can also go back to using their [...]

AARP Medicare Supplements: Lower Premiums Announced

AARP/UnitedHealthcare has released  rates in Arizona for its “Modernized Medicare Supplements” which take effect after June 1, 2010.   All  post-June AARP Medicare Supplement rates will be about 7 percent lower than current rates. [...]

Your Medicare Choices

Medicare Advantage plans are agressively marketed by insurance companies such as Humana, Health Net and Secure Horizons, and nearly 40% of seniors in Tucson are enrolled in these plans. Medicare Supplements seem to be left out of the picture for [...]

Going back to Medicare

Quite a few seniors are giving up their Medicare Advantage plans and going back to Medicare.  This change can still be made before March 31st and here’s how it’s done.  People dropping Medicare Advantage should sign up for a Medicare [...]

You can still change your Medicare coverage.

Some people think they are locked into their Medicare Advantage plan for the rest of the year.  This is not the case because they can make one change to another plan up until March 31st.  Here are changes that can be made between January and [...]