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Part D Preferred Pharmacies

Insulin prices

I got a call from a client complaining about how her drug costs have gone way up, even though they are generics. Her co-pays should not change during the year, so I did some research by putting her prescription list into the Medicare.gov Plan Finder.

Lidocaine Patch Not Covered by Part D

Medicare seems to be cracking down on drugs that are prescribed for “off label” usage. I got an email from a client who has been using the Lidocaine Patch for years. Now she’s being told her Part D will no longer pay for the patch.

Medicare and the TPP

The Trans Pacific Partnership is a free trade deal being negotiated in secret. Some of the rules, written in secret, affect Medicare, Medicaid VA drug costs. When it comes to Medicare and the TPP, it will mean higher drug costs for seniors and perhaps the end of discounted prices for those who go into the donut hole.

Enbrel Cost with Part D

I have been talking to two people using the drug Enbrel who were shocked and disappointed to learn how expensive Enbrel will be when they get on Medicare and sign up for Part D drug coverage. ENBREL is a prescription medicine…

High Drug Costs

Medicare is a good deal if you are healthy, but for the unlucky 10-15% who have serious problems, healthcare costs and drug costs can add up quickly. Frank is turning 65 in May and had planned to keep working, but…

Generic Drug Prices Going Up

Dr David Belk writes an interesting blog, TrueCostofHealthcare.org.  He has recently written about generic drug prices going up over the past year.   He writes: Nearly half of the generic listings surveyed (607 in total) went up in price- many way…

Help For Part D Drug Costs

Insulin prices

Help for Part D drug costs is a different program from the Medicare Savings Program that helps people with Medicare costs. Help for drug costs can be applied for at SSA.gov, while the Medicare Savings Program must be applied for through a state Medicaid office or website.