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Turning 65: Do you have your Medicare card?

I had a call the other day from a woman who is turning 65 and wanted to talk to me about her Medicare choices. She said she is working, but is self-employed. She turns 65 in September, just over one month away. I asked her if she has her Medicare card and she said, “Huh? What is that?”

No More Limits on Physical Therapy

A New York Times articles says Medicare has ended limits on how much physical therapy a person can receive. The rules used to be that if a person receiving physical therapy was not improving, Medicare would no longer pay for…

Help For Part D Drug Costs

Insulin prices

Help for Part D drug costs is a different program from the Medicare Savings Program that helps people with Medicare costs. Help for drug costs can be applied for at SSA.gov, while the Medicare Savings Program must be applied for through a state Medicaid office or website.

How to Choose a Medicare Part D Plan

People who take only a few generic drugs will probably choose the lowest-cost Part D plan. But people who take brand drugs, especially expensive ones, need to do some research using the Medicare.gov Plan Finder.

Medicare & More Blog Has Moved

For four years I wrote about Medicare in a blog that was part of Tucsoncitizen.com. Unfortunately, Gannett, the owner of the Tucsoncitizen.com, decided to shut down that site. I was able to move my 500 blog posts to this site.

Medicare Advantage Winners and Losers

I checked the Medicare Advantage enrollment numbers for Pima County after the most recent Open Enrollment Period (October 15 – December 7, 2013) to see how each of the plans did with their enrollments. Did some companies lose members? Did some companies gain? Were there any big winners and losers?