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Part D Plan Preferred Pharmacies

Part D plan preferred pharmacies make using the Plan Finder difficult and confusing. That’s because only allows me to put in two pharmacies as I’m searching for drug plans for my clients. I think I am a [...]

Medicare and Insulin

Why does a drug cost $25 without insurance and $110 with Medicare Part D?   Novolin N and R can be bought at Walmart for $24.88 without insurance.  With a Part D plan, the cost is $110.  Why? I have a client who has diabetes.  She uses [...]

Medicare and the TPP

What has an international trade deal got to do with Medicare?  Apparently, the issue of drug costs for seniors, veterans, and people on Medicaid is right in the middle of the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) free trade agreement.  You may have [...]

Part D mistake

When selecting a Medicare Advantage plan with Part D (drug coverage), it is important to check all of a person’s prescriptions to be sure they are covered by the plan and what the co-pay will be.  I thought I had done this for a new client [...]
Insulin prices

Why is Part D so complicated?

QUESTION: Why is Part D so complicated? ANSWER:  Insurance companies run Part D and there are over 1,000 plan variations across the country – 29 in Arizona!  Medicare pays the bills, but Part D is administered by insurance companies. Part [...]

Interesting Part D Study from Kaiser Family Foundation

A comprehensive Kaiser Family Foundation report analyzes key trends that have shaped the Medicare Part D marketplace since the program launched nine years ago.  Some of their findings include the following: Part D plan premiums range from [...]