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Part D Plan Preferred Pharmacies

medicare part d pill bottle

Part D plan preferred pharmacies make using the Medicare.gov Plan Finder difficult and confusing. That’s because Medicare.gov only allows me to put in two pharmacies as I’m searching for drug plans for my clients. I think I am a know-it-all when…

Medicare and the TPP

The Trans Pacific Partnership is a free trade deal being negotiated in secret. Some of the rules, written in secret, affect Medicare, Medicaid VA drug costs. When it comes to Medicare and the TPP, it will mean higher drug costs for seniors and perhaps the end of discounted prices for those who go into the donut hole.

Part D mistake

When selecting a Medicare Advantage plan with Part D (drug coverage), it is important to check all of a person’s prescriptions to be sure they are covered by the plan and what the co-pay will be.  I thought I had…