medicare help in 2017

Medicare Help in 2017

The income requirements for getting Medicare help in 2017 have been announced by CMS (Centers for Medicare and Medicaid). People in Arizona can use an online application at To get Medicare help in 2017, people must [...]
extra help

Extra Help Letters from Social Security

Two million people are receiving letters from Social Security to let them know about the Extra Help program for their Part D drug coverage. This is not junk mail and it is not a scam. Eleven million, or 30% of all Medicare Part D enrollees, [...]

$126,000 Hospital Bill and Medicare

This story was originally posted in 2011. My client was shocked by his $126,000 hospital bill. When you spend the night in the hospital, you would assume you had been “admitted” to the hospital – but you could be wrong.  And this definition [...]

Medicare Coordination of Benefits

Don’t get caught up in a coordination of benefits mess when you enroll in Medicare. Some people have Medicare as well as employer health insurance.  This has caused confusion for a few of my clients. If a person has two major medical [...]

Help with Medicare Costs

I am meeting today with a couple who are having trouble paying their drug co-pays. It sounds like they qualify for help with their Medicare costs and their drug costs – but they had never heard about programs that help people on Medicare [...]

Help for Medicare Costs

Low-income Medicare beneficiaries get help with their Medicare Part B premium and their prescription drug costs.  Income levels that qualify for help have been raised for 2013. Anyone on Medicare with monthly income below $1,313 (individual) [...]

Medicare Questions: Sorry, I can’t help you.

It’s the Medicare Open Enrollment Period and I’ve been busy talking to lots of people about their Medicare choices.  I’ve had to tell several people I cannot help them.  Here are two true stories: Shopping for a lower Medigap [...]