Seniors, Social Security, and Poverty

The Center for American Progress addressed the issue of elderly poverty and seniors’ economic security in “The Not-So-Golden Years”:

“Social Security is tremendously effective in helping seniors and their families stay out of poverty. Its benefits kept 14 million elderly Americans out of poverty in 2009. The Center on Budget and Policy Priorities estimated in an analysis of 2008 Census data that the elderly poverty rate would actually exceed 40 percent in most states without Social Security benefits. The majority of people kept out of poverty by Social Security are elderly, but the Census data shows almost a third of those kept out of poverty are under 65 and include more than 1 million children.”

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4 Responses to "Seniors, Social Security, and Poverty"

  1. leftfield says:

    …and include more than 1 million children.”

    According to the right wing in America, these children are deserving of poverty because they have made “poor choices” and lack the “appropriate character” to succeed.

  2. RH says:

    The right wing in 1994 had a whipping dog the poor, whom they labeled lazy, shiftless, deserving of their poverty, that one is old and worn now they have a new one the unemployed, elderly who they classify as both lazy, shiftless, to bad their jobs got exported over seas, they got old, frail, one day this old right wing tactic of finding someone to blame for all the reasons why their 2% richest in society ought to be worshipped as the producers, priviledged class will maybe result in a day of reckoning as the old aristocrats of Old France discovered when its realized 98% in america are a mere two pay checks away from homelessness, poverty!  We don’t call them Kings/Queens or those fancy aristocratic titles anymore, they are now Billioinare’s, Millionare’s, CEO’s over paid city/county/state official tax collectors looking down their snobish noses as the peasants laughing as Marie Antoinette did saying “let them eat cake”, guess the irony is the peasants got the last laugh on that joke!

  3. tiponeill says:

    Nothing infuriates a Repub more than “socialism” that is successful and popular.
    That is why they have been hell-bent on destroying it – it is a reality that affronts their ideology.

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