Republicans Target Medicare and Social Security

Some Republican leaders are being very honest in revealing their plans for Medicare and Social Security. Three up-and-coming Republican leaders have written a book titled, Young Guns, about what they will do if their party regains control of Congress. Congressmen Eric Kantor, Paul Ryan, and Kevin McCarthy have laid out their plans for cutting the Federal budget – and their main targets are Medicare and Social Security.

The Wall Street Journal reported:

Just one section of the book, written by Ryan, spells out what Republicans might do if they are in charge. The “road map” includes such ideas as converting Social Security for future retirees into private accounts that could be invested in the stock market. Medicare would become a voucher-type program where the government gives seniors money to buy health plans.

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8 Responses to "Republicans Target Medicare and Social Security"

  1. tiponeill says:

    They have been trying ever since FDR. Bush made it his top priority upon his re-election in 04 and spent all his “political capital” trying to torpedo Social Security.
    Repubs hate it – it is contrary to their ideology that government can’t do anything right.

  2. cochisecitizen says:

    converting Social Security for future retirees into private accounts that could be invested in the stock market.
    – While there are some reserves, it’s pretty common knowledge that the payroll contributions of current workers fund the disbursements of benefits out to current retirees. Removing those younger workers from the system will quickly destroy Social Security, and those pushing this “privatization” scheme know it full well. And, there’s already a system for private accounts, it’s called 401k plans, IRA accounts, etc.

  3. GARY A. FOX, CPA MSAA says:

    I am a Republican but do not agree entirely with this approach. The Government needs to get a true handle on its finances. Cutting fraud, abuse, and waste…plus cutting back on some foreign aid…would save this country hundreds of BILLIONS to fund these important programs. We have made commitments to seniors. Those promises MUST be honored. For me charity begins at home. It is a sad, sad situation where a Medicare recipient cannot get dental, vision, and hearing care. NOT EVEN BASIC CARE !! Yet billions are given away to foreign countries with NO strings attached.

  4. medicareblogger says:

    Jesse Kelly has stated numerous times that he wants to get rid of Social Security.  I sure hope he doesn’t win in November.

  5. cochisecitizen says:

    I think you’re channeling Brian Miller, who lost in the primary, with Jesse Kelly, who won. But, I agree, I sure hope Jesse doesn’t win. Giffords is a very good Congresswoman, and Kelly’s “ideas” are dangerous & wrong, just the standard talking points from the small government crowd.
    Speaking of the small government crowd, I read something really funny today – Sharron Angle, Queen of the Tea Party, running against Harry Reid in NV, has been outspoken against government programs. Want’s Soc.Sec. to be privatized if not eliminated, thinks unemployment benefits worsen the problem, making the unemployed too lazy to look for work. Well, she hasn’t worked for a couple years, running for political office. Turns out she & her husband have been getting  along by living off her husband’s federal government pension from working 25 years for the BLM. Hypocrite!

  6. medicareblogger says:

    Thanks for pointing that out.  I corrected my last comment. I certainly know the opponent is Jesse Kelly because he scares me.  I surely hope he can’t channel all the negativity that so many people are feeling into votes.  People need to realize that government programs like Medicare and Social Security work.  I have met so many seniors who are living solely on their Social Security – and many studies have said that large numbers of baby boomers have not saved a lot and will also be counting on their Social Security.

  7. Repubs….nothing more than corparate  FASCISTS….

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