Part D: Medicare Budget Buster

In 2003, President Bush and Congress created the Medicare Part D drug plan which began in 2006.  This added trillions of dollars to the Medicare budget without any way to pay for it.  Republicans are supposed to be the party of fiscal responsibility and yet they cut taxes while we were fighting two wars and  added a billion dollar budget buster to Medicare.  I wonder why?

The Comptroller General of the United States under George Bush spoke to Sixty Minutes in 2009.

[tnivideo caption=”Part D the Budget Buster” credit=”Sixty Minutes”] brightcove:615584430001[/tnivideo]

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  1. tiponeill says:

    I have noticed TV ads attacking Giffords recently, sponsored by the 60plus Association.
    Sounds like an AARP-like group interested in the welfare of retirees, doesn’t it ?
    Actually it is funded by Pfizer, Merck etc – it is a pharma industry front group spending 5 million dollars of dollars trying to get Repubs elected so that they can continue to ride the gravy train.

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