New Medicare Supplement Plan N: Very Popular

The brand new Medicare Supplement Plan N is proving to be very popular with seniors who want lower premiums but comprehensive coverage to fill the gaps in Medicare. I was just talking with a representative of a well-known Medicare Supplement company that has been overwhelmed with 30,000 applications for Plan N coverage.  I can’t provide the name of this company because they think my writing about them constitutes advertising and they track what is written about them on-line and in the press.

The reason this company is overwhelmed with applications is because they are allowing seniors to apply for their new Plan N Medicare Supplement without having to answer any medical questions – no matter how old the person is.  While other Medicare Supplement companies are asking more medical questions of their applicants, this company has decided to make an exception for everyone applying for Plan N.

Plan N is a new Medicare Supplement that went into effect on June 1st.  This plan costs about 25% less than Plan F, which is a Medicare Supplement that fills all the gaps in Medicare.  Plan N costs less because it will require seniors to pay $20 co-pays when they see a doctor in the doctor’s office.  Seniors will also pay $50 if they go to the emergency room. Additionally, the Part B deductible ($155) is not covered by Plan N, and the plan does not cover excess charges (which very few doctors charge anyway).  Every other service (hospital stays, labs, physical therapy, chemotherapy, radiation treatment) is covered completely beyond the co-pays mentioned here.  Medicare pays its part of the bill and Plan N will pay the balance.

I asked this company representative how long they will continue their open application policy for Plan N.  I was told they have no plans to change it in the next few months.  Hopefully the policy will continue through the end of the year when Medicare Advantage enrollees will be able to get out of their plans, go back to Medicare, and get a Medicare Supplement.  Plan N might be the only option for people who might not pass the health questions required by most Medicare Supplement companies. Hopefully they will still have a chance to get Plan N with no questions asked by this company.

NOTE: When you turn 65, or when you first get Part B, you have a six month “guaranteed issue period” during which you can sign up for a Medicare Supplement without answering medical questions. This is very important for people with pre-existing conditions because they cannot  be refused a Medicare Supplement during their guaranteed issue period.


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3 Responses to "New Medicare Supplement Plan N: Very Popular"

  1. Great post! I want to know when you update your blog, where can i subscribe to your blog keep the good job going.

  2. medicareblogger says:

    I think you have to click on the RSS feed and you’ll get my posts.

  3. anonymous says:

    Well the company you are talking about is Mutual of Omaha. They are planning on cutting off the plan N with minimal underwriting soon. I do not like their policies as they are handing out 30 -40 % rate increase on the 13 month. That is horrible for the consumer that may not be able to switch companies or plans because they have to be underwritten . MOO is taking advantage of the turning 65 medicare enrollments!
    Furthermore, I am very concerned about ho w much they involvement with other companies that they underwrite for. They could pull a number on the insurance agents and reduce their commissions with as much business as they control.
    MOO is not the best option as they are buying a book of business and then rating the heck out of that book.

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