My Medical Information Was Sold

My medical information was sold to a Medicare Advantage marketing website.

Your information was also sold if you use Follow My Health to communicate with your doctor. Arizona Community Physicians uses this portal.

Yesterday when I received an email from Follow My Health, I figured it was a message from my doctor about test results, or an upcoming appointment.

I clicked on the link in the email and it took me to a page that had my “personal code”. I put in the year I was born and my zip code and…… it connected to a record of all my prescriptions and how various Medicare Advantage plans plan would cover them.   The website providing this information was E-Health, an online insurance broker.

E-Health has all my prescriptions from my Follow My Health record !!!!

How can it be that my medical information was sold to an insurance brokerage that bombards people with emails?  And this contact information has my MEDICATION HISTORY!! 

When I signed up to connect to my doctor through the Follow My Health portal, I had no idea I was giving permission to have my contact information (including my medication history) sold to the highest bidder.

I have called Arizona Community Physicians’ main office and was told someone would get back to me.  The woman tried to connect me to the IT office.  I said, “Maybe you should connect me to your legal office”.  I didn’t get to talk to anybody, so I figure I’ll just go public with this outrageous sharing of my medical record.

If you use the Follow My Health portal, you should call Arizona Community Physicians too.  Their number is 520-327-0460.

From the email:

FollowMyHealth has partnered with eHealth to help you find Medicare plans that cover your doctors and prescription drugs. Your unique 6 digit personal code will enter your doctor & prescription information, so you only see plans with the coverage you want.

I can’t believe Follow My Health can sell/share our PHI (Protected Health Information) with E-Health, or any company.  I am going to demand answers.

What Next?

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