Medicare costs for 2016

Medicare Part B premium in 2016:

Most people on Medicare will not see an increase in their Part B premium.

But…  people who are new to Medicare in 2016, or who are not collecting Social Security, will pay a higher premium:  $121.80


Medicare Part A (hospital) deductible in 2016:

$1,288 for each benefit period


Medicare Part B deductible in 2016:


A person pays this deductible the first time they use Part B, which covers most out-of-hospital services.

If a person has a Medicare Advantage plan, or a Medicare supplement Plan F, they don’t pay this deductible.

Medicare supplements that do not  cover the Part B deductible:  Plan N; Plan G; high-deductible Plan F.


Here is a link to the Medicare webpage that covers these costs:

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