Medicare Advantage in Pima County, AZ

FEBRUARY 2019: Every year at this time I look at the Medicare Advantage enrollment numbers for Pima County in Arizona (Tucson). The last Annual Enrollment Period (October 15 – December 7) was a busy one with thousands of people changing their Medicare Advantage plan.

Here are the numbers for Medicare Advantage in Pima County.

Tucson Medicare Advantage enrollment

Medisun, Inc. is the Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona plan. They lost more than half of their membership because they lost their contract with Arizona Community Physicians (ACP). ACP has over 100 primary care providers and had over 6,000 patients who were enrolled in the Blue Cross Blue Shield plan. Those 6,000 people needed to change their Advantage plan to keep their PCP. It looks like 5,585 decided to do that.

CHA HMO is the new Humana Medicare Advantage plan in Pima County. Humana took advantage of the BCBS misfortune to add 3,384 members during the Annual Enrollment Period.

Pacificare of Colorado is the AARP Medicare Complete HMO. This plan has been around forever and has the largest enrollment numbers in Pima County. They added 3,569 new members – most of whom probably switched from Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona Advantage.

United Healthcare of Wisconsin is the AARP Medicare Complete HMO-POS plan and it gained 293 members.

Health Net is now owned by Centene and its plans go by the name “Allwell”. I would not be surprised if the many name changes are the reason Health Net plans keep losing members each year.

Amerigroup is Caremore, which was bought by Anthem a couple of years ago. Their Medicare Advantage numbers stay about the same each year.

Aetna is a new Advantage plan for Pima County. They arrived last year, but enrolled very few people. They improved their plan co-pays for 2019 and got better numbers from the annual enrollment period.

These numbers come from the CMS website:

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