Medicare Annual Enrollment

The Medicare Annual Enrollment Period is upon us. October 15th – December 7th is the time when people need to evaluate their Medicare Coverage.

Thank goodness this year is a calm one for Medicare Advantage in Arizona. There are no big changes to Medicare Advantage plans like there were last year. Networks for Arizona Advantage plans seem to be stable, with some plans even adding more providers. Last year, one plan lost about 100 primary care providers.

Part D and Plan Finder

People and insurance agents/brokers can use the Plan Finder to research Medicare Advantage plans and Part D drug plans. I have been checking my clients’ drug plans to see if they should change their plan.

Unfortunately, the Plan Finder still has problems with wrong pricing information. I am finding it difficult to use and I sure wish they would have just tweaked the old Plan Finder.

CMS had better get this fixed soon because the Medicare Annual Enrollment Period flies by.

New for 2020 Advantage plans

The trend in Medicare Advantage seems to be adding more “extra benefits” like transportation to doctor visits, hearing aids, free eye exams, and $100 – $200 for eye glasses. One Advantage plan is offering acupuncture benefits for pain management.

One Part D drug plan will double its premium for 2020.

I can’t name names here, but one stand-alone drug plan, with a $26 premium, will be double that in 2020. The well-known company is calling and mailing their customers to make sure they are aware they should change their drug plan.

The well-known company is also telling these people – who have Medicare supplements – that they should consider the company’s $0-premium Medicare Advantage plan. Interesting.

It’s always busy during the Medicare Annual Enrollment Period.

I hope I can reach all 60 of my clients who have the Part D drug plan that is doubling its premium for 2020. Not all of my clients use email, so I have lots of calls to make. This will keep me pretty busy for the next two months.

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