Awesome Obamacare Premiums

It turns out that lots of people can get awesome Obamacare premiums in 2018.

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Of course, the website is not very user-friendly – and I had to dig around to find how I could just shop for plans without setting up an account.

Use this link to get to the page where you can take a look at the plans available in your county.

You can play around with different income numbers and ages.  I looked at plans in Tucson, AZ.

The info I put in was:  AGE: 63  INCOME: $24,000

Here are the results I got.

Awesome Obamacare Premiums


A Bronze plan costs just $2.65 per month.  !!!

Of course, this is catastrophic insurance because you pay all your medical bills until you meet your $6,550 deductible.

But…  you get prices that have been negotiated by the insurance company – and most doctor visits and labs are not really that expensive – if you have insurance.

And…. here’s another option:  You can buy a hospital indemnity plan for $25 per month and that plan will pay you $5,000 if you end up in the hospital.

Actually, this 63-year old making $24,000 per year would be better off getting a Silver plan because she would get “Cost Sharing Reduction” based on her limited income.

This is the cost sharing reduction President Trump cancelled – but insurance companies are required to provide (and eat the cost). Insurance companies raised premiums in order to cover this cost.

Here is what the Silver plan costs would be for this person:

awesome obamacare premiums

$60.35 monthly premuim.

This Silver plan has co-pays for doctor visits.

And again, this person could buy a hospital indemnity plan for $25 per month that would cover the biggest potential cost, which is ending up in the hospital.


Now let’s look at a 25 year old woman who is self-employed and making $30,000 per year.

awesome obamacare premiumsA 25-year old woman or man can get a Silver plan for $202.79 per month if they make $30,000 per year.  If they earn less, they will pay a lower premium.

Awesome Obamacare premiums are not for everyone.

Unfortunately, people who earn more than $48,000 per year – and therefore do not get any help with their premiums – are…..screwed.  They pay the full price for their individual health insurance – and  because of all the Republican efforts to kills Obamacare, premiums are very high.

But that Silver plan for a 25-year old is $260 without any premium help – and that is not that bad for a person making $48,000 per year. That comes out to about 6.5% of a person’s income.

Another website that is easy to use to play around with income numbers is .

It is kind of amazing that Trump says, “Obamacare is dead”.  But actually, it is alive and well and younger people with modest incomes are finding they can get awesome Obamacare premiums.

Please share this info with anybody who is self-employed or retired before 65.

The Open Enrollment Period for individual under-65 health insurance ends on December 15th.

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