Arizona Community Physicians Dumping BCBS

Arizona Community Physicians Dumping BCBS Medicare Advantage is the big news for the 2018 Medicare Annual Enrollment Period.

arizona community physicians dumping bcbs

Over 6,000 seniors in Pima County who are enrolled in Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona Medicare Advantage will have to change their plan if they want to keep their doctor.



Thousands of seniors across Pima County have received a letter telling them their Primary Care Provider will no longer be in the BCBS AZ Advantage network.

I have 60 clients who have received the letter  from Arizona Community Physicians (ACP) and quite a few have called me – but not all. I’ve reached out to all my clients who are affected, but some are on vacation while others just don’t answer their phone – or their phone number has been disconnected.

Does Arizona Community Physicians dumping BCBS Advantage affect you?  Here’s what to do.

Talk to the insurance agent who enrolled you with BCBS of AZ Medicare Advantage.  Your agent should have already called you if he/she is well organized.  If not, you can call me. (520-820-8639)

Arizona Community Physicians (ACP) is only contracting with four Medicare Advantage plans in 2019.

  • For my clients, I am checking to see if their doctors (all of their doctors) are contracted with those 4 plans.
  • Then I run their prescriptions through the Plan Finder so I can see how their meds are covered by the plans that have all their doctors.
  • Then I present the information to each client and we go over the summary of benefits for the plan (or plans) that fit their needs.
  • For some of my clients, having access to the right gym is very important to them, and that will cause them to pick one Advantage plan over another.

Why is Arizona Community Physicians dumping BCBS Medicare Advantage?

BCBS representatives don’t know why ACP is dropping them – but the rise and fall of BCBS Arizona Advantage is closely tied to Arizona Community Physicians (ACP).

Four years ago, BCBS Arizona Advantage was brand new to Pima County. It was perfect timing as ACP announced it was dropping its contract with Health Net Medicare Advantage.  Health Net lost 7,300 members and most of them went to BCBS Advantage.  I wrote about this back in 2015:

Medicare Annual Enrollment Period:  October 15 – December 7

During the Annual Enrollment Period, people on Medicare have several options:

  1. They can submit an application to move to a new Medicare Advantage plan (for a January 1, 2019 start date).
  2. People on Original Medicare with a Part D drug plan can submit an application to move to a different Part D plan.
  3. People who have never signed up for Part D drug coverage can submit an application for a Part D plan.
  4. People who have never been enrolled in a Medicare Advantage (MA) plan can submit an application for an MA plan.
  5. People with Medicare Advantage can choose to go back to “Original Medicare”.   If they enroll in a “stand-alone Prat D plan, their Advantage plan will be cancelled.

This Annual Enrollment Period is going to be CRAZY, with so many people needing to change their Medicare Advantage plan.

  • Humana has informed people in Saddlebrooke that their Humana Medicare Advantage plan is being cancelled.
  • Allwell (previously called Health Net) has informed customers in Pima County that their Select plan is being cancelled.
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona members with Arizona Community Physician doctors will need to change to another MA plan.

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