UnitedHealthcare Compass Network is Lousy.

The UnitedHealthcare Compass network is lousy in Tucson, AZ but this is not a big news story.  The big story in the news this week is that UnitedHealthcare is dropping out of the under-65 health insurance market in many states. I figure they [...]

Medicare Advantage Networks

Some Medicare Advantage networks are large and some are small.  Some Medicare Advantage networks change often while others rarely lose doctors. About once each month, someone calls me to say they are moving from California to Arizona and they [...]

$126,000 Hospital Bill and Medicare

This story was originally posted in 2011. My client was shocked by his $126,000 hospital bill. When you spend the night in the hospital, you would assume you had been “admitted” to the hospital – but you could be wrong.  And this definition [...]

Medicare Coordination of Benefits

Don’t get caught up in a coordination of benefits mess when you enroll in Medicare. Some people have Medicare as well as employer health insurance.  This has caused confusion for a few of my clients. If a person has two major medical [...]

Diabetes Rose 400 Per Cent in 25 Years

The world has seen a nearly fourfold increase in diabetes cases over the last quarter-century, driven by excessive weight, obesity, aging, and population growth.  In 2014 422 million people were affected by diabetes worldwide. Nearly 10% of [...]
Insulin prices

Insulin Prices are Skyrocketing

More than 29 million Americans, almost 10% of the population, have some form of diabetes. Many of these people depend on insulin to stay healthy – but the insulin prices are skyrocketing. An article in Stat News says insulin prices [...]