Medicare Advantage Enrollment in Tucson

Each year at this time I like to look at Medicare Advantage enrollment in Tucson and which plans added members and which ones lost from one year to the next. Tucson (Pima County) has lots of competition in the Medicare Advantage market.  Blue [...]

Obamacare Tax Questions

I don’t recall hearing so much last year about Obamacare tax questions.  But this year I’m seeing all kinds of emails about new paperwork requirements for tax forms and how insurance agents can help their clients. It is time for [...]

Medicare and Health Savings Accounts

I’ve had questions recently from clients who have Medicare and health savings accounts (HSA). They were wondering how they can use their HSA once they are on Medicare. Some highlights from a Money Magazine article I just read are: *There [...]

Help with Medicare Costs in 2016

  Who qualifies for help with Medicare costs? People in Arizona can use an online application at QMB income & resource limits in 2016: Individual monthly income limit* $1,010 Married couple monthly income [...]

Hearing Aids and Medicare

Congress barred Medicare coverage of hearing aids 50 years ago because “people thought hearing loss was just a normal part of aging,” said Dr. Cassel, one of the authors of a recent JAMA editorial on hearing health policies. “They didn’t [...]

See your claims at

If you use your Medicare card when you see your doctor (you are not enrolled in a Medicare Advantage plan), you can set up an account on  This account will allow you to see what Medicare has paid for your medical services. I [...]