Silver Plans Offer Extra Help

I just read that two million people who get help with their health insurance premiums are missing out on extra help with their deductible, co-pays, and MOOP (max out-of-pocket). They missed out because they did not sign up for a Silver Plan. Silver [...]

Working Past 65 and Medicare

Jim is in his mid-70’s and is still working. His current employer offers health insurance, but it’s not that good so he decided it was time to sign up for Medicare Part B. I sent him the form his employer needed to fill in and sign to show [...]

Part B Premium Is Going Up in 2016

The Medicare Part B premium is going up in 2016 – way up. But this increase will not affect everyone on Medicare. The Part B premium is supposed to go up to $159.30 because of a complicated formula connected to what Medicare spends on Part [...]
Insulin prices

Part D Preferred Pharmacies

I got a call from a client complaining about how her drug costs have gone way up, even though they are generics.  Her co-pays should not change during the year, so I did some research by putting her prescription list into the Plan [...]