Social Security Overview

I attended a meeting in which Social Security employees talked about Social Security and how it works, how benefits are calculated, and special situations.  

Calculating Social Security Benefits

Here is some information on calculating Social Security benefits. Widows can get benefits at age 60 based on their deceased spouse’s Social Security. To calculate how much money a person will get from Social Security each month, there [...]

Applying for Medicare or Social Security

Here is some info on applying for Medicare or Social Security and some of the “special” situations that come up.

Medicare Enrollment Special Situations

When it comes to Medicare enrollment special situations sometimes occur. The Social Security representative explained some of the different scenarios.

She Can’t Afford Her Insulin

I got a call yesterday from a woman who takes a lot of insulin to control her diabetes. She said she went to pick up her insulin at the pharmacy and was told her cost would be $340 –  which is eight times what it has been. She asked [...]

Medicare and Cataract Surgery

Kaiser Health News has an article about Medicare and cataract surgery and how a simple and inexpensive procedure is costing Medicare a lot more than it should. Study: Cataract Surgery Fast And Safe, But Many On Medicare Get Costly Pre-Testing [...]

Medicare and Same-Sex Marriage

UnitedHealthcare is the largest health insurance company in the country – – and its “customer service” people are not aware of changes in Medicare rules that affect same-sex couples with employer coverage. I googled [...]

Why don’t people buy long-term care insurance?

Although 70% of older people will need long-term care, very few people buy long-term care insurance.  Many people think the government will pay the bill if they end up in  a nursing home.  And most people don’t want to pay for something [...]

Turning 65 and Medicare

No federal agency provides notification about Medicare eligibility to individuals not yet collecting Social Security benefits—meaning those not automatically enrolled in Medicare are not informed about enrollment rules and policies.  [...]

Medicare and Insulin

Why does a drug cost $25 without insurance and $110 with Medicare Part D?   Novolin N and R can be bought at Walmart for $24.88 without insurance.  With a Part D plan, the cost is $110.  Why? I have a client who has diabetes.  She uses [...]

Do I Need Medicare Part B?

I have talked to people who did not want to spend $104.90 on the Medicare Part B premium.  They said they could not afford it, or did not need or want it. I have talked to veterans who have only used the VA system and so did not sign up for [...]
ambulance billing and medicare

Ambulance Billing Problems

Medicare covers non-emergency ambulance transport, but Medicare often refuses to pay such bills. Apparently, the devil is in the details – and it is up to seniors and their families to understand those details to avoid ambulance billing [...]
health insurance puzzle

Health Insurance Puzzle

Helping a person enroll in a health insurance plan is like solving a puzzle – a health insurance puzzle. It’s also a good brain exercise for a sixty-something like me. I got a call this week from a 64-year old woman who is quitting [...]

Medicare Advantage Home Visits

I got a call from a client who is very annoyed by phone calls from her Medicare Advantage plan asking her to agree to  a home visit from a company nurse.   Asta asked me if she had to comply with her Medicare Advantage plan’s request [...]