Enbrel Cost with Part D

I have been talking to two people using the drug Enbrel who were shocked and disappointed to learn how expensive Enbrel will be when they get on Medicare and sign up for Part D drug coverage. ENBREL is a prescription medicine that can be self-injected. [...]

Your Primary Care Physician

I have had several calls recently from people who were moving to Arizona and needed to enroll in a local Medicare Advantage plan. Picking a new plan is not difficult in Arizona – but finding a primary care physician is another matter. Most [...]

Obamacare Saves Lives

I was at my doctor’s office recently and, as usual, I got into a discussion about insurance with my Nurse Practitioner.  Connie told me she has many new patients because of Obamacare and most of them had not had health insurance before, [...]

Your Health Insurance Deductible

I have excellent health insurance, but I’ve found myself arguing with doctors’ office staff about what I am supposed to pay for services.  At first I thought it was just one greedy doctor’s office, but this has happened four [...]

High Drug Costs

Medicare is a good deal if you are healthy, but for the unlucky 10-15% who have serious problems, healthcare costs and drug costs can add up quickly. Frank is turning 65 in May and had planned to keep working, but he got laid off – perhaps [...]

The Story of Medicare

Written and produced by the Kaiser Family Foundation, The Story of Medicare: A Timeline serves as a visual timeline of Medicare’s history, including the debate that led to its creation in 1965 and subsequent changes.  

Changes to Medicare

It looks like Democrats and Republicans have agreed on a package of Medicare reforms that will fix some problems… and push more costs onto seniors. The biggest fix prevents reduced payments to doctors that have been threatened as a result [...]