Medicare Advantage Networks

Starting in 2016  Medicare Advantage plans will be required to keep up-to-date online directories, or face large fines. The online directories allow the public (and insurance agents) to see which doctors are in a plan’s network and which [...]

Is Social Security Income Taxed?

I found an informative article on taxes and Social Security. Is Social Security income taxed? The answer to this question depends on a beneficiary’s filing status and their total income for the year.  According to the article: Determining [...]

Social Security Explained

Most of my clients who are turning 65 have been collecting Social Security since they turned 62 – even though their full retirement age was 66.  Their Social Security check is about one-third less than it would be if they had waited until [...]

Medicare Billing Mistakes

I have spent the last week in freezing Connecticut helping my 87-year old friend figure out her medical bills.  I wrote about Julie in December when I discovered her retiree Medicare supplement plan had been changed to a Medicare Advantage [...]