Retiree Health Plans Moving to Medicare Advantage

Retiree health benefits are pretty rare these days, but I have  two friends and two relatives who worked for big companies that offer benefits to supplement Medicare for their retirees.  These people are in their 70’s and 80’s [...]

You still have time to do something if your plan has been cancelled.

People affected by a Medicare Advantage plan cancellation who did not take action during the Open Enrollment Period can get a “special election period” (SEP) to make a move. This SEP runs from December 8th to the last day of February, [...]
Insulin prices

Why is Part D so complicated?

QUESTION: Why is Part D so complicated? ANSWER:  Insurance companies run Part D and there are over 1,000 plan variations across the country – 29 in Arizona!  Medicare pays the bills, but Part D is administered by insurance companies. Part [...]