Medicare Advantage Network Chaos

As a broker, I think there is Medicare Advantage network chaos in Tucson.  My head is spinning trying to remember which doctors are no longer with which plans.  But my clients don’t seem very concerned about their Medicare Advantage [...]

Choosing a Part D Plan Is Confusing

For people who turn 65 in the last three months of the year, choosing a Part D plan is confusing. I am looking at Part D plans and I must compare 2014 plan information with 2015. I am trying to help clients who have chosen to stay [...]

Medicare Supplement Guaranteed Issue

If your Medicare Advantage plan is being canceled, you can go back to Original Medicare and you get  Medicare supplement guaranteed issue.  This means you cannot be turned down or charged a higher premium because you have health problems. The [...]
Insulin prices

Insulin Costs in Medicare Advantage

The cost of insulin varies widely from one Medicare Advantage plan to another.  I checked out all the Medicare Advantage plans in Pima County and how they cover insulin and pills for glucose control…. and I was shocked at what I found! One [...]