Tucson Medicare Advantage Cancellations

This will be a hectic Open Enrollment Period (OEP) because there will be several Tucson Medicare Advantage cancellations. Health Net and SCAN are cancelling their Medicare Advantage special needs plans that focus on people with diabetes and [...]

Small Businesses and Obamacare

NPR  has an interesting story about small businesses and Obamacare in Kentucky where employers and employees ended up with better, lower-cost health insurance. Health insurance policies offered by small businesses to their employees have been [...]

Tucson Medicare Advantage Changes

Big changes are coming to Tucson Medicare Advantage plans in 2015.  People enrolled in Tucson Medicare Advantage plans will be getting the news very soon.   Agents are not supposed to talk about 2015 “benefits” until October [...]

Medicare Advantage in Tucson

46 percent of Medicare beneficiaries are enrolled in Medicare Advantage in Tucson, AZ.  Tucson has a competitive market with 7 companies offering a total of 17 Advantage plans in 2014. But things are going to change in 2015.  Some plans will [...]

How To Get Help with Part D drug costs

People who have limited income can get help with Part D drug costs – but finding the application on the Social Security web site is not easy. There used to be a link for “Extra Help” right on the home page for SSA.gov, but [...]

Woman thinks she can’t afford Medicare

I was shopping on Sunday afternoon and met a woman who thinks she can’t afford Medicare. She told me she works full-time at the retail store so she can get the company health insurance. This woman is 70 years old and looks like she [...]