Medicare Phone Numbers for Complaints and Appeals

How do you appeal to Medicare if you have been denied coverage for a medical service?  How do you lodge a complaint about a provider? The United Hospital Fund provides a list of numbers for each state on their website: Starting August 1, 2014, [...]

Long Wait at Social Security

Since 2011, Social Security has lost nearly 11,000 employees, and weekly field office hours have been reduced from 35 to 27.   I read about this in LifeHealthPro, a magazine for the insurance industry. The article summarizes a report on Social [...]

Applying for Medicare: Did you change your name?

Have you changed your name after a divorce or for some other reason?  That could cause some complications when you go to sign up for Medicare. Wendy is turning 65 in September and went online to sign up for Medicare.  She put in her name [...]

Interesting Part D Study from Kaiser Family Foundation

A comprehensive Kaiser Family Foundation report analyzes key trends that have shaped the Medicare Part D marketplace since the program launched nine years ago.  Some of their findings include the following: Part D plan premiums range from [...]

Medicare and AHCCCS Clerical Error

I wrote recently about a client who was thrilled to receive notice from AHCCCS that she qualifies for additional help for her medical costs. I told her something must have changed at AHCCCS because her income is about $60 too high to get this [...]

Medicare and AHCCCS: What’s going on?

The state of Arizona’s Medicaid program will pay the Medicare premium for people with income below $1,333 for an individual) or $1789 for a couple. I wrote about the details of this assistance last year: Help for Low-Income Medicare Beneficiaries. In [...]

Medicare Advantage Network Law Proposed

Medicare Advantage enrollees in Florida and Connecticut have been faced with losing their doctors or local hospital when their Advantage plan cut its network.   Congresswoman Rosa DeLauro of Connecticut is proposing a Medicare Advantage Participant [...]