Hospitals Dropped from Medicare Advantage Networks

Health News Florida has an interesting story about a dispute between Humana’s Medicare Advantage plans and a Miami Hospital and doctor network.  Medicare Advantage plans must control their costs, and when a doctor group or hospital requires [...]

CNBC Medicare Advantage story uses

For some unknown reason, I am getting a newsletter called “Senior Newswire”. It is quite interesting as it compiles many articles from across the internet that deal with Medicare and seniors.  As I read through the various articles, [...]

What is Medicare doing to address mental health issues among seniors?

I recently attended a conference organized by the Behavioral Health & Aging Council of Southern Arizona. What I learned: 20% of seniors have alcohol or drug problems. 16% of all suicides are older adults. 84% of those suicides are older [...]

Medicare: How much will your hospital bill be?

Should you get a Medicare supplement to fill the gaps in Medicare?  How much will your bill be if you are admitted to the hospital and you only have Medicare? A good explanation of how Medicare works when you are admitted to a hospital can [...]

Most Tucson Hospitals Charge Medicare Less Than National Average

Medicare has released information on how much hospitals across the country charge for the most common surgeries.  Here are the results for Tucson: Tucson Medical Center:  .8 of the national average charge St Joseph Hospital: 1.0 of the national [...]