No More Limits on Physical Therapy

A New York Times articles says Medicare has ended limits on how much physical therapy a person can receive. The rules used to be that if a person receiving physical therapy was not improving, Medicare would no longer pay for Physical Therapy [...]

Doctors Are Not Dropping Medicare

Don’t believe the rumors about doctors no longer taking Medicare patients. The numbers don’t lie.  Here are some infographics from the Kaiser Family Foundation that show the reality.   Here is a map of the percentage of doctors [...]

Turning 65: Do you need to enroll in Medicare?

Every day 10,000 American baby-boomers turn 65 .  Most will enroll in Medicare, but many will not. Not everyone needs to enroll in Medicare because some people continue working and are covered by their employer’s health insurance.  A person [...]

What’s the future for Medicare Advantage?

The New York Times has an article about how payment cuts to Medicare Advantage plans are raising questions about the future of Medicare Advantage. I say, “Only time will tell”, and that time will be next September when all Medicare [...]
Insulin prices

Help For Part D Drug Costs

Help for Part D drug costs is a different program from the Medicare Savings Program that helps people with Medicare costs.  Help for drug costs can be applied for at, while the Medicare Savings Program must be applied for through a [...]