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Help For Low-Income Medicare Beneficiaries

People on Medicare with low income can get help paying their Medicare Part B premium and possibly their Medicare co-pays and deductibles. It all depends on how low their income is. The income limits provided below apply to most states, but not [...]

Medicare Advantage Enrollment: 30% Increase Since Obamacare

More than 14 million Medicare beneficiaries are now enrolled in private Medicare Advantage plans, up 30 percent since 2010 in spite of concerns about payment changes enacted in the Affordable Care Act. Whether this trend continues, and its implications, [...]

Smaller Medicare Advantage networks coming to your town?

Medicare Advantage plan networks will be affected by payment cuts to Medicare Advantage plans. Smaller provider networks could be the future for Medicare Advantage. I was at a meeting yesterday with a rep from a Medicare Advantage plan that [...]

Medicare Advantage Cuts: Bad news or not?

The Obama administration has proposed payment cuts for Medicare Advantage plans in 2015 and this could mean big changes for $0 premium Advantage plans in Arizona and around the country – or maybe not. These announced payment reductions for [...]

How to Choose a Medicare Part D Plan

People who take only a few generic drugs will probably choose the lowest-cost Part D plan.  But people who take brand drugs, especially expensive ones, need to do some research using the Plan Finder. Last week I met with Ken who [...]

Help For Low-Income Seniors in Jeopardy

Low-Income seniors might lose Medicare help they receive due to an error of omission in Washington – even though both political parties think the financial assistance program should continue. Funding for the Medicare Qualified Individual [...]

Cold Calls to Medicare Beneficiaries are Unethical

Cold calling Medicare beneficiaries is against Medicare rules, but this being a slow time of year for insurance agents, seniors are getting calls that might disturb and/or confuse them. I was told by a Tucson insurance broker that one of her [...]

Medicare & More Blog Has Moved

For four years I wrote about Medicare and more in a blog that was part of  Unfortunately, Gannett, the owner of, decided to shut down the site (with no advance notice). Gannett owns newspapers like “USA [...]

Obamacare: Tucson among the lowest-cost health insurance markets

People in much of Minnesota, northwestern Pennsylvania and Tucson, Ariz., are getting the best bargains from the health care law’s new insurance marketplaces. Their premiums run half as much as those in the country’s most expensive [...]